Our Founders

KK Baldwa

Director & Co-Founder

Mr. KK Baldwa stands as a visionary entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in IT Infrastructure. He founded one of South India's leading IT rental companies by blending academic expertise, family values, and a strong social network with sharp business acumen. Beyond his professional endeavours, his avid interest in sports and active social engagement reflect his versatility.

His expertise lies in understanding customer needs within the realms of IT leasing, vendor management, and employee engagement. Notably, his innovative approach ensured the seamless delivery of laptops to employees' homes during the COVID-19 lockdown, a testament to his commitment to customer satisfaction. This exemplary service from C Prompt Solutions has fostered persistent loyalty from our clientele.

Aditya Baldwa

Director & Co-Founder

Mr. Aditya Baldwa firmly upholds the belief that 'Wealth is health.' Behind the scenes of every successful organisation lies a multitude of factors. A robust balance sheet, adherence to statutory compliance, meticulous taxation management, and thorough documentation serve as the cornerstone for fostering a sustainable and enduring business.

With a background in commerce and a profound understanding of finance and accountancy principles, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His decades-long journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to financial discipline, ensuring that C Prompt Solutions stays true to its vision.

Always adorned with a stylish hat and a warm smile, he represents the essence of professionalism and approachability, enriching every interaction with his infectious positivity.

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