About Us

We at C-Prompt Solutions provide Short Term and Long Term rental solutions of all kinds of Desktop, Laptops, Servers or Printers tailored to your business needs.

C-Prompt Solutions is the one-stop source for renting and leasing any kind of computer or peripheral equipment your company needs.

Our rental solutions allow customers to Redirect their capital to income-generating assets rather than assets that drop in value quickly, whilst at the same time spreading the cost of the rental equipment over its useful life.

Under your rental plan, you make known payments for all equipment, with the added flexibility of Upgrading or changing your assets during the term of your rental agreement (with minimum cost). You eliminate the risk of technology obsolescence and avoid the cost of ownership and disposal.

Flexibility is the foundation of our core product offering. At the end of your rental term, we give you several options. C-Prompt Solutions approach is to provide our customers with a tool package. We will act as an advisor and provider of value added solutions.

C-Prompt Solutions will work closely with you to analyse your existing business needs and technology requirements to customise a flexible rental solution that is right for your organisation.

Why rental

Computer rental allow you to keep pace with the technology changes without purchasing new equipment constantly.

Rental or Lease program tailored to your needs will:

  • Help Stretch your budget
  • Guarantee you support when you need it
  • Give you the computing power to outstrip the competition

We have long-term lease plans which are flexible and at competitive prices for branded systems/laptops viz DELL, HP, Compaq, IBM etc.

Have your corporate rental needs met effectively, efficiently and affordably with C-Prompt Solutions.